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AI interviews for candidates: This tool creates custom mock interviews with real-time feedback from ChatGPT

Probably, one of the most stressful parts of anyone’s professional life is appearing for a job interview. Those 15-30 minutes can determine your next job and potentially the quality of your life. So, it is no wonder that everyone focuses on acing this part of the job hunt. People’s anxiety around job interviews is so much that there are dedicated institutions and personal coaches who focus solely on improving the answers to potential questions. But what if we told you that there is a way for you to get feedback for your interview answers and advice to make it better without shelling out even a buck? Meet, an AI-powered platform that can do all this and more. Let us take a look.

Prepare for interviews with this AI platform

The platform is a free-to-use website that uses AI at its foundation to help people in preparing for interviews, test out their answers and get feedback on how to make them better. Starting out is pretty easy. Once you reach the website, simply fill out the position for which you have applied. You can also provide additional information such as your role, responsibilities, skills, and more to help the AI create better questions for you. You have a total of 5000 words to fill out this section.

Once done, you can click the ‘Generate interview questions’. Now, the platform will do its AI magic to come up with a set of questions that are likely to be asked for the interview. This part is powered by ChatGPT, which does both question generation as well as analysing your answers.

But it does more than that. In a real interview, you will be speaking your answers directly instead of typing. That’s why the platform accepts answers only verbally. There is a microphone button at the center that you can hit to turn it on and begin speaking your answer. But beware, you only have one minute to give the answer.

Once you have answered a question, it will analyse it and give you feedback. It will find out in what areas you could have focused more and if you spoke too much about a point that did not require so much attention. It will also provide an AI-generated sample answer for you to improve your answer.

In the end, it also generates a summary for all your answers so you can come back to it later and find all the tips in a systematic format.

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