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ALERT! Delete these 19 dangerous Google Play apps on your phone; Amazing Wallpaper to Private Messenger, check list

In order to fool more people, cybercriminals look for ways and mediums through which they can access a smartphone user’s date base. And as most smartphone users are Android users, cybercriminals are targeting them through various dangerous apps. Informing of the same, a report by MalwareFox stated, “Over the last decade, Android has become a soft target for cyber attackers to carry out illicit activities. It is because Android is an open-source program, making it highly customizable, unlike iOS. It is easy for cybercriminals to infiltrate an Android device using malicious apps. The malware programs like Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Keyloggers, and more.”

The report also informed about the latest Android viruses and warned Android users of 19 apps which they need to delete in order to keep their personal and crucial details safe. Some of the latest Android viruses include Joker Spyware, Harly Trojan, FakeDolphin, GinMaster, ExoBot, Android Police Virus, FakeInst, BlackRock Malware, OpFake, and more.

As per the information, cybercriminals add malicious code to certain apps on Google Play Store, and then submit the modified versions with a new name. The functionality indicated in the description of the apps may still be present, thus users may not even be aware that dangerous spyware has been inserted in these apps.

Here is the list of 19 apps that Android users must delete:

Apps having Harly Trojan: Fare Gamehub and Box, Hope Camera-Picture Record, Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper, Amazing Wallpaper, Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker

Apps having Joker Spyware: Simple Note Scanner, Universal PDF Scanner, Private Messenger, Premium SMS, Blood Pressure Checker, Cool Keyboard, Paint Art, Color Message

Apps having Autolycos Malware: Vlog Star Video Editor, Creative 3D Launcher, Wow Beauty Camera, Gif Emoji Keyboard, Instant Heart Rate Anytime, and Delicate Messenger.

It is essential to know that most of these apps are also available on Google Play Store. You should avoid installing apps from unofficial sources. And also look for the comments before downloading any app. You can also install antivirus and antimalware software.

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