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Android, iPhone cybercrime ALERT! Watch out for these 3 warning signs in your inbox

Which phone do you own? Android or an iPhone? Well, all the phone users are being warned of a dangerous text message which has the power to empty your bank account. Speaking to The US Sun, a leading cyber-expert revealed the “red flag” messages all the smartphone users need to look out for. Notably, cybercrime has been rising all over the globe and a scam or malware can steal your hard earned money along with personal and crucial details. Taking advantage of your details, hackers can even blackmail or defraud you.

One of the common ways of fooling people is via text messages. According to the report by the Sun, Erich Kron, security awareness advocate at KnowBe4 has informed of three red flags, which one needs to keep an eye on.

The first sign is that you are sent urgent or threatening texts without any pleasantries. “Attackers often send messages with short, to the point instructions that are often driven by urgency,” Kron told The Sun.

The second sign of warning is when the user is asked to provide some personal details like an OTP, code, among others, that has come as a text message on your smartphone. It must be noted that you should never provide any kind of code or OTP to any unknown person as it can be a two-factor authentication code that allows hackers or criminals to log in to the user’s online app accounts.

The last point which you need to notice is when text messages come from an unknown contact and that too without any related matter. Treat them as suspicious, Kron said.

The hacker can pose as a staff of the bank where you have an account, an agent, or someone else. They will make sure you believe them and provide them with all the details they are asking for. However, you need to stay alert.

These three warning signs could help you save not only your personal details from landing in wrong hands but also from losing your hard earned money.

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