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Asteroids zooming towards Earth on May 1! One is a 100-foot monster, other two are 45-foot giants: NASA

May 1, 2023 will see three asteroids approaching Earth and they will get very close. Out of these three asteroids, one is as large as 100-foot while the other two are 45-foot and 46-foot wide. According to NASA, any asteroid that comes within 4.6 million miles or 7.5 million kilometers of Earth, or is larger than approximately 150 meters, is considered potentially dangerous.

Therefore, in order to stay alert and be prepared to avoid any such incidents and situations where human lives can be lost, NASA keeps an eye on the movement of asteroids, their speed, how close will they come to Earth, and more. The space organisation uses its telescopes and observatories like NEOWISE to track and study asteroids. It also uses a variety of ground based telescopes like Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) located in the Antofagasta Region of Atacama Desert in Chile for the same.

Here is all you need to know about the asteroids that will be zooming towards planet Earth on Monday, May 1.

46 foot Asteroid 2023 HV

The massive 46-foot asteroid named 2023 HV will come as close as 0.856 million miles to Earth on May 1. This house sized rock is nearing earth at a great speed of 15649 km per hour, according to NASA’s CNEOS data.

45 foot Asteroid 2018 VS6

It is another house sized asteroid of 45 foot which is hurtling towards Earth. It is moving at a speed of 41744 kilometers per hour and will be 1.24 million miles away from the planet.

100 foot Asteroid 2023 HY3

This is the third asteroid which will be making a close approach to Earth on Monday, May 1. It measures 100 feet in size, and will come as close as 3.98 million miles to Earth and is travelling at a speed of 23596 km per hour.

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