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Bad photos on WhatsApp? No more! Check what’s happening

Do you find it difficult to share images on WhatsApp while keeping their high quality intact? No? Well, your problem is about to end. Thanks to the upcoming feature, you will find that image compression, which is the reason for bad quality photos, by WhatsApp will be a thing of the past! WhatsApp’s update tracker, WabetaInfo has revealed that instant messaging app is working on a new feature that will allow you to send photos in their original quality, preserving their resolution. This expected feature will undoubtedly be considered as a significant upgrade, enhancing the image-sending experience for WhatsApp users.

Earlier, WabetaInfo shared that a new feature is under development which will provide an option to manage photo quality. However, “the feature is still in development on WhatsApp beta for Android, but we have news about the development on WhatsApp Desktop beta,” the report added.

While sharing a screenshot, WabetaInfo explained that WhatsApp is in the process of implementing a similar feature on its desktop application. With this feature, users will be able to send images while retaining their original resolution and clarity, avoiding image compression that happens at present.

The report suggested that WhatsApp users will still be in full control of sending images even with the introduction of this new feature. That means, after the release of the Photo Quality feature, you will still have the option to send images through the standard compression method. This feature can be beneficial for individuals looking to save storage space, and it is set as the default option.

Upcoming WhatsApp features

Not just this, WhatsApp is also rolling out a new camera mode to some users that will let you switch to video mode from photo mode with just a tap. That means, you will no longer need to tap and hold to record videos and bring the hands-free video recording experience.

Meanwhile, the instant messaging app has already rolled out a bunch of new features for WhatsApp status including voice note, emoji reaction, and more. If you haven’t received these features, then you should update your WhatsApp now.

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