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Can ChatGPT get you a date this Valentine’s Day? Know its best dating TIPS

ChatGPT has become one of the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) platforms ever. In just two months since its launch, it had amassed more than 100 million users. And people have been using it for a variety of tasks from coding, finding research material for college assignments, generating content, getting recipes and more. Since ChatGPT has made its name for providing answers to people’s tough queries, I decided to ask it one of the most difficult questions ever presented in modern civilization — how to get a date — and surprisingly, its dating tips were not all bad. If you too are looking for a date this Valentine’s day, then take a look and it just might be able to give you some Valentine’s Day inspiration.

ChatGPT gives dating tips on Valentine’s day

We started with the most basic question that many people struggle with and that is how to approach someone you like. ChatGPT provided an in-depth answer that could be broken down to six points which were ‘be confident’, ‘be respectful’, ‘start with a friendly greeting’, ‘engage them in a conversation’, ‘be yourself’ and ‘respect their decision’. While the last point is definitely the most important to remember, the answers were fairly generic. We decided to press on.

While approaching someone is difficult, finding them is harder still. So, we asked ChatGPT the best places to meet new people. It responded with “There are many places where you can look for girls who might be interested in dating you. Here are some ideas: Dating apps, social events, classes or clubs, volunteer organizations and online forums or groups”.

So, it can help with finding new people, but can it help with striking a conversation with a complete stranger? This is where ChatGPT impressed us the most. We asked it for some lines you could say to a stranger to start a conversation and it said the following.

“Hey, I noticed your [item of clothing/accessory], it looks really cool. Where did you get it?”

“Do you have any recommendations for good [type of food/activity/place] around here?”

“I saw on your profile that you like [common interest], me too! What’s your favorite [related thing]?”

“What kind of music do you like? I’m always looking for new things to listen to.”

“Excuse me, I know this is a little random, but I just had to come over and tell you that I think you’re really beautiful/handsome/interesting/funny/etc.”

But it also gave us an important reminder. ChatGPT concluded with, “Remember, the most important thing is to be genuine and confident. Be yourself and don’t try too hard to impress her. And don’t be afraid to ask questions and listen to her responses to keep the conversation flowing”.

We hope these tips can help you find the right date. However, do be mindful that it is never appropriate to continue to pursue someone who is either disinterested or uncomfortable. Make sure that when you approach someone, they too are interested in the conversation and are not feeling harassed. Be warned, under no circumstances should you impose yourself on anyone.

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