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Cyborg alert! AI robotic arms that can be attached to humans engineered in Japan

In your very busy day, have you not thought that an extra arm, or two, may come in very handy to finish the tasks at hand? Well, now you can have them, literally!

Humans and technology share a very symbiotic relationship, where humans have constantly explored and tried to innovate the way we interact with it. Till now, help was limited. Smartphones and laptops introduced a more visually and touch-oriented interface, while recently virtual reality headsets like the Meta Quest Pro VR extended the boundaries of visual interactions with tech. Now, a Japanese robotics firm has turned to artificial intelligence, Jizai Arms, to engineer AI-powered robotic arms that make our interaction with technology even more seamless.

Like taking a page out of science fiction, Jizai Arms has designed robotic limbs that can be attached to a human and then be controlled by just using their own arm movements as sensory inputs. This creates an intuitive and fluid way of controlling these prosthetic limbs.

As per the information provided on the website, “Designed to explore the interaction between multiple free-form bodies, “Free Limb” is a wearable system consisting of a base unit with six terminals and a detachable robotic arm. It enables social interactions such as “swapping” arms between multiple wearers”.

AI Robotic limbs can reinvent how humans interact with tech

At its center, Jizai Arms is a wearable technology mixed with robotic arms and artificial intelligence. The creators have stated that the inspiration for the design comes from the idea of a cyborg, where humans gain enhanced abilities through robotic body parts and organs.

The company calls its products socially digital cyborgs and plans to create an ecosystem of users where these arms can be swapped between different users with ease. The technology, once deployed, can take a huge leap in enabling and empowering those with disabilities.

People with amputated arms or those with a disability can use Jizai Arms in order to undertake tasks previously impossible for them. However, it should be noted that these arms are currently not available in the market and are still in the testing phase. The company has not shared any timelines on when these could be made available for people to purchase.

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Author of this Amazing Article – Akash Dutta