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‘Fortnite’ lands on Amazon Luna

Even though  was exiled from Apple and Google’s mobile app stores , there are still ways for you to play the all-conquering battle royale on your phone or tablet, thanks to the likes of and . Starting today, Fortnite will also be available on another cloud gaming service. It has dropped on just in time for the latest Star Wars crossover.

There’s one major caveat, though. Fortnite is available for free through Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now, but you’ll need to pay to play it on Amazon Luna. Until the end of May, you can access it via an Amazon Prime subscription. After that, you’ll need to have a Luna+ membership to access Fortnite on that platform. It’s worth noting, however, that GeForce Now users on the free tier have a one-hour time limit per session.

Whichever cloud gaming service you use to play Fortnite, you’ll need to sign in to an Epic Games account. You’ll have access to all the cosmetics you’ve unlocked on other platforms. You’ll be able to level up your battle pass while you’re away from your PC or console.

Fortnite has been the most requested game from Luna customers in the US and we’re thrilled to bring the title to the service,” Amazon devices and services vice president Daniel Rausch told  in a statement. Amazon confirmed to Engadget that Fortnite is also available on Luna in Canada, Germany and the UK after the service recently opened up in those countries.

This seems like more of a value add for existing Luna+ members to save them from switching to another web app to play Fortnite, rather than a way to encourage new users to sign up. There are several other notable games on Luna+, including the likes of Control, Alien Isolation, Devil May Cry 5, the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes and Batman: Arkham Knight. There’s a seven-day free trial available, after which Luna+ costs $10 per month.

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