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Google announces FREE revolutionary changes to Google Bard; Check AI boost that’s coming

Google on Wednesday announced revolutionary changes that are coming to Google Bard, the company’s answer to ChatGPT. Introduced in February this year, Google Bard is a conversational AI service powered by Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). It is the result of Google’s research in LLM which started with the introduction of a neural conversational model in 2015, followed by Google’s Transformers project in 2017. 

Now, Google has announced major changes at Google I/O 2023 that are coming to its conversational AI service which could transform the way we use AI, including imaging capabilities, coding features and app integration.

Improvements to Google Bard

Google recently moved Bard to PaLM-2 which enabled many improvements to the service such as advanced math skills and coding capabilities. Now, the tech giant has announced that users will be able to do much more with Bard than just text input. With multi-modal capabilities, Bard users will be able to interact with the AI service with images in both prompts and responses.

Moreover, Google is also integrating Google Lens into Bard which will allow the AI model to analyze the photo, detect the subject and perform the required task. Citations will also be more precise. Going forward, users just need to just click the annotation and Bard will underline those parts of the response and link to the source.

Google Bard will also be integrated into other Google products such as Docs, Gmail, Drive, Maps and more. Users will be able to control their privacy settings and decide how and when they wish to use these features. Adobe Firefly will also be integrated into the AI model which will enable users to create high-quality images from ideas on the fly.

Lastly, one sought-after feature is also coming to Google Bard – Dark mode.

Increased Availability

These new features are not the only big announcements that Google has made so far. To make AI more accessible around the world, Google has announced that it is removing the waitlist process and Bard will be available to use in over 180 countries soon. Moreover, users will be able to take advantage of Google Bard in over 40 languages.

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