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Google I/O 2023 AI announcements LEAKED! Get a sneak peek at what’s cooking

After weeks of speculation, Google I/O 2023 is finally here, and it is expected to be an exciting event packed with several unveilings. Google will not only debut hardware like Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, but it will also reveal Android 14 OS, which has been dubbed Upside Down Cake. To add to the excitement of the event, the tech giant is also expected to make several announcements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI, which could include the likes of Google Bard, Workspace and more.

Amidst leaks floating around regarding Google I/O 2023, know what’s likely to be announced in the field of AI.

Google I/O 2023: Expected AI announcements

1. PaLM-2

According to Internal documents acquired by CNBC, Google could announce the next generation general-use large language model called PaLM-2. PaLM-2, which stands for Pathways Language Model is a language model with conversational capabilities. It has undergone extensive evaluation which involved coding assessments, mathematical evaluations, creative writing exams, and thorough analysis to ensure its efficiency and accuracy.

2. Google Bard

Google Bard, the company’s answer to ChatGPT, is tipped to get major upgrades. According to the CNBC report, Google has been discreetly testing multiple versions of Google Bard – Big Bard, Giant Bard, and Multi-Bard. Although not much is known, the multi-Bard version could hint at multi-modal functionality, which could allow the chatbot to bring more input and output functionality than just text.

The tech giant could also bring improvements to Google Workspace. The report states that Google is planning to expand on its “Workspace AI collaborator” with features such as image generation in Slides and Meet applications. Moreover, template generation could also be brought to Google Sheets.

4. Other announcements

According to a report by The New York Times, Google is developing multiple AI breakthroughs that may be revealed at the upcoming Google I/O conference. It may unveil an image AI tool, AI Test Kitchen, a Shopping Try-on feature for YouTube, Maya – a tool to visualize shoes in 3D, and a video summarization tool.

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