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Google unveils long-awaited upgrade to Google Photos app

Google is reportedly testing a new feature called ‘Memories’ for the Google Photos app, which could potentially enhance its usage. The information was tweeted by Nail Sadykov, a tipster from the unofficial Google News Telegram group, and it includes screenshots of the updated interface. The most notable addition is a slider located at the bottom of the screen.

What new features are there?

By dragging the slider from ‘All photos’ to ‘Memories,’ users can move from the standard timeline-based view to a new view that organises photos based on themes and events. For example, it groups images together from trips or special occasions like Christmas, presenting them as collages of thumbnails in various sizes and shapes. The titles for these collages are automatically generated but can be edited by tapping the new ‘Edit’ button.

According to the Forbes report, tapping on a collage will open it in full-screen mode, similar to how memories are accessed from the carousel at the top of the regular feed. However, it is important to note that this new feature is currently being tested and there is no information on when, or if, it will be available to all users.

If Google decides to implement this update, it could introduce a new and exciting way of using the app. While Google Photos already surfaces interesting content through the Memories feature, scrolling through the chronological feed can become monotonous as it displays every saved photo and video. Not many people feel compelled to scroll through the entire timeline.

On the other hand, a curated feed that only showcases the most captivating images would be much more engaging, especially if it resembles the familiar format of social media posts. This could encourage users to browse Google Photos during idle moments, creating a new purpose for the app that is not prevalent today.

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