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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023: Google Doodle celebrates Valentine Day with Heartwarming Animated Raindrops

Today’s Google Doodle: Today is February 14, the day popularly known as Valentine’s day. And to celebrate the occasion, Google has come up with its own heartfelt animation that describes what love is all about. Valentine’s day is known as an occasion to show affection towards one’s partner, friends, family and anyone a person cherishes. The festival of love finds its roots in European culture but has spread all across the globe. And to commemorate that, Google has showcased its own version of Valentine’s whose team is ‘Rain or shine, will you be mine?’. Check out the details.

Google posted on its blog about the Google Doodle and said, “Today’s Valentine’s Day Doodle celebrates the most romantic day of the year, when people all over the world express affection to their lovers, friends, and partners through gifts, greetings, and more…Whatever your forecast looks like today, we hope you enjoy celebrating with your special someone”.

Google Doodle celebrates Valentine’s day

The cute animation today showcases a setting of a window pane right after a light shower where lots of raindrops have collected. The animation begins with a raindrop appearing on the top of the window pane and looking at another droplet. As they both smile towards each other, the first droplet slips and falls to the bottom of the window pane. Seeing this, the second raindrop glides over the window glass and joins the former to make a ‘heart shape’ before falling down together. Google calls this theme ‘Rain or shine, will you be mine?’.

Google also gave us a cool fun fact around Valentine’s day. It posted, “Did you know that during the Middle Ages, European countries like England and France believed that February 14th was the start of the mating season for birds? They associated this phenomenon with love and began romantic celebrations soon after. The holiday became more popular throughout the world in the 17th century”.

Google has also posted fun slides on its blog post. It has added its early draft of how it designed today’s Google Doodle. Another slide showcases the reach of the doodle, highlighting the entirety of the American continent, western Europe, India, Australia and a few other countries where this doodle has reached. Finally, it has also added various Valentine’s day Google Doodles throughout the years.

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