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iOS 17 set to change Wallet and Health Apps on your iPhone

Undoubtedly, from all that is being reported so far, iOS 17 is going to be one of the biggest updates for iPhone users for quite some time. Considering that iOS 17 was initially dismissed as being of little importance in terms of standout changes, it is now being surmised it will alter a huge number of critical features on the handset. As the announcement date of iOS 17 draws near, the excitement, and expectations, are getting higher and higher. Several leaksters and Apple analysts have come up with their mockups that are helping us to imagine what the next iOS 17 may hold. Recently, leaker @analyst941 has suggested that the Wallet and Health apps are expected to get a redesign with the iOS 17 update. In fact, the leaker has gone so far as to share some mockups supposedly depicting the design alterations that are anticipated to be implemented.

Wallet App expected to change with iOS 17

As per the leaked images of the Wallet app mockup, the navigation bar located at the bottom of the interface categorizes different functions available in the app and includes Cards, Cash, Keys, IDs, and Orders. Additionally, there is a “Passes & More” tab that users will be able to swipe down to access a search interface to locate a specific card or pass. Apart from that, there is a”Transactions” button there. According to the leaker, more features will be added in the future.

This proposed design for the Wallet app would offer functional improvements to the user compared to the current design, like finding certain features, such as passes and order details.

Health App expected changes with iOS 17

Talking about the Health app, its “Favorites” section under “Summary” will undergo a redesign featuring a card-style interface, @analyst941 suggested. The shared expected design suggests that the visual data displayed on each card will include coloured graphs, tables, and other relevant information.

The likelihood of some, if not all, these changes actually being rolled out are high. This has been indicated by none other than Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. He claimed, “Wallet indeed getting a revamp.” However, whether all of these changes will actually hit the Wallet and Health apps on iPhones or not will be confirmed only with the official announcement of iOS 17, which is expected during the WWDC keynote on June 5.

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