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Jack Dorsey-backed Bluesky grew 606% in April, with 628,000 downloads

Bluesky is giving tough competition to Elon Musk-led Twitter. The social media platform made a buzz online after it was opened to the public on an invitation basis. The platform innovates the general workings of social networking platforms by using a decentralized and open-source system. Highlighting its popularity, in the month of April, the Jack Dorsey-founded platform saw a total of 628000 mobile downloads.

According to a report by CNBC, Bluesky recorded a massive 606 percent jump after gaining more than 6 lakh users compared to the month of March. The data was sourced by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower. The growth of Bluesky is notable considering Twitter just saw a 2 percent rise in the month of April, growing from its existing 14.6 million downloads compared to March. It should be noted that the total download volume of Twitter is much higher than Bluesky, given its long operation period.

Bluesky records a 606 percent rise in mobile downloads in April

Bluesky has emerged as a winning formula compared to other Twitter-rival platforms such as Mastodon and Substack Notes. At present, Bluesky has about 50,000 users with notable personalities such as James Gunn, Chrissy Teigen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kumail Nanjiani, Christopher McQuarrie, and Edgar Wright.

The platform gained popularity due to its decentralized and open-source model leveraging AT Protocol. If you have trouble understanding what that means for you, consider the following. You join Bluesky and maybe you like the group of people you are connected with on the social media platform and you would want to see their posts, but the platform constantly pushes politically charged content that you are not interested in. The AT Protocol will allow you to access the posts from your group through an open domain and take it to a different platform (that you can either build or join after someone else has built it) with a different set of algorithms that aligns with your social media preferences.

In theory, every user on the platform can create a different version of social media for themselves which will be governed by their own principles and functionalities.

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