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Love it or not, Apple may change your Map experience on iPhone with this iOS 17 feature

As iOS 17 announcement nears, there are new features being leaked on the Web, which again proves that the next iOS update will be a game-changer. As per leaks and rumour mills, Apple will announce iOS 17 during the WWDC 2023 event which is scheduled for June 5. After a series of expected features of iOS 17, a Twitter user named @analyst941 again came up with detailed information about a new feature that your iPhone may get, 9to5Mac reported. Apple is said to be preparing a new feature called Apple Maps Live Activity for the Lock Screen. Here’s how it will work with iOS 17 update.

Apple Maps Live Activity for the Lock Screen in iOS 17

Well, whether you love it or not, Apple will bring this big change to your iPhone’s Lock Screen while introducing the Maps Live Activity in the forthcoming iOS 17 update. 9to5Mac report quoted leakster @analyst941’s tweet (which no longer exists), “Love it or don’t, Apple doesn’t care – this is the new Maps ‘Live Activity’ for Lock Screen (all iPhones).”

So, far, users of Apple Maps had to keep the app open in order to track their destination. However, with the new Lock Screen live activity feature, iPhone users will now have the ability to minimize the Apple Maps display to the size of the music player widget. By simply tapping once, it can be quickly expanded to full size. While the Lock Screen Map display won’t offer interactivity, it will dynamically update to provide users with real-time information regarding their current location and navigation directions.

The leak suggests that there will be a seamless transition while unlocking and you will be able to view notifications over the map by swiping up as usual. However, it will be interesting to see if Apple will keep this feature limited to Apple Maps or extend it to other apps such as Google Maps.

Moreover, iOS 17 is expected to bring major UI changes to Control Center, new Siri commands, more Focus Mode filters, Lock Screen customization, notification changes, custom Accessibility settings, flashlight brightness adjustment option, active widgets, CarKey improvements, camera app changes, always-on-display features, and a lot more.

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