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OpenAI Launches ChatGPT App for iPhone users! Will India get it? Find out now

OpenAI has officially released the ChatGPT application for iOS users, expanding its availability to 11 additional countries. However, the application is currently not accessible in certain countries, including Albania, Germany, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and India.

Following its successful introduction in the United States, OpenAI has expanded the availability of the ChatGPT mobile application for iPhone users to include Albania, Germany, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation regarding the application’s launch in India. OpenAI has stated that they are actively planning to roll out the application in other countries as well. TechCrunch reported.

In addition, OpenAI has introduced a new feature called “links,” which allows users to create and share their conversations with ChatGPT to other users. This feature is currently being tested by a small group of alpha testers, with the intention of expanding it to all users, including free users, in the coming weeks, according to OpenAI.

OpenAI also mentioned that they are working on further integrations and improvements to the application. Users of ChatGPT on iOS have the option to disable conversation history. When this feature is turned off, conversations initiated on the device will only be stored for 30 days and will not be used to enhance the models or appear in the user’s history on other devices.

However, ChatGPT has faced scrutiny and raised privacy concerns. Consequently, several technology companies, including Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon, have prohibited the use of ChatGPT.

While OpenAI continues to expand the availability of the ChatGPT app, the company’s plans for launching the application in India are still pending.

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