Shocking! Man finds LIVE rat inside bread packet delivered by Blinkit

With the rise of technology and the internet, online food delivery has become an increasingly popular option for people around the world. It saves time and effort compared to going out in the market to find the right option. However, there are negatives too. Shockingly, a Twitter user named Nitin Arora went through an unpleasant experience where he found a problematic product online. He ordered a packet of bread from online instant delivery app Blinkit. The problem wasn’t with the quality of bread. In fact, he found a live rat inside the packet.

The user shared a photograph of the bread packet as evidence and took to his Twitter account to reveal his unpleasant experience. “Most unpleasant experience with @letsblinkit, where an alive rat was delivered inside the bread packet ordered on 1.2.23. This is alarming for all of us. If a 10 minutes delivery has such baggage, @blinkitcares. I would rather wait for a f than take such items,” user said on Twitter.

The tweet also included a screenshot of the user’s conversation with the customer service of the online app Blinkit. In the brief exchange, an executive from Blinkit apologized for the inconvenience and assured the customer that the matter had been escalated for investigation.

Online delivery of rat with bread! Twitter reacts

As soon as Nitin Arora published the unusual incident online, Twitterarti started reacting. One of the users said, “As much as English Oven and Blinkit need to explain this. I wonder if our food safety authority actually audits these places from time to time and checks for ‘Safety.’”

In response to all, Dhananjay Shashidharan, the head Customer Support at Blinkit assured that they have taken swift action already and de-listed the partner store. He further said, “We have high standards for hygiene at all our stores, and with this incident, we have increased the frequency of audits at the store networks.”

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