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This HIDDEN iOS 16 system can stop you from using top iPhone features if you do this

iPhones are available across the world, but certain iOS features are limited to specific locations or regions only. The reason behind the unavailability of these iPhone features in certain regions can be many, however, in some cases, local regulations play an important role. For example, FaceTime isn’t available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To deal with such a situation, Apple has started using a more advanced and up-to-date approach. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has reportedly been experimenting with a new hidden system in iOS 16 that uses location-based restrictions to limit certain features. So, if a you are in a certain location where something is like Face ID is forbidden, then your iPhone will not allow its use, depending on the law of the land.

This new feature will precisely determine the user’s location. So far, Apple has used hard-coding methods to limit access to certain iOS features in particular regions based on the regulations. Essentially, this involves linking most restrictions to the geographical location of the device, which can be determined by the iPhone’s software settings or the origin of the hardware itself.

As per the report by 9to5Mac, this new hidden system being used by Apple is known as “countryd”, which was silently added to the iOS 16.2 update. However, it has not been used in anything yet, the report added. “It combines multiple data such as current GPS location, country code from the Wi-Fi router, and information obtained from the SIM card to determine the country the user is in,” the report explained.

It seems that it will be difficult for users to bypass these limitations by Apple. The good part is that, it should become simpler for the device to recognize and disregard such restrictions automatically when a user travels to a different region.

So, what is the main purpose for Apple to use this system?

Several leaksters suggest that with iOS 17, Apple is planning to allow sideloading of apps, which will be limited to Europe. It seems that it could be simple for Apple to identify if an iPhone is being used in an EU country and allow sideloading. Also, if other nations mandate Apple to permit sideloading, a simple update to this system should make the feature available in those areas as well.

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