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Troll terror! Woman savages scammer on WhatsApp

Earlier in January 2023, we had revealed how scammers are sending messages on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, asking people to ‘like’ videos on YouTube and get paid for it. And now something similar has happened with a Twitter user. However, her savage reply to the fraudster has left people in splits! 

Notably, WhatsApp has become a very big medium for scammers to try and steal money from unsuspecting people in recent times. Also, at a time when joblessness is high, scammers have started taking advantage of the situation by offering fake job opportunities. However, the way this Twitter user handled the situation is commendable and would be a big lesson for the scammer. Here is how this woman turned into a troll terror for this scammer.

Can you earn money by simply liking a YouTube video?

A Twitter user named Udita Pal (@i_Udita) who is the Co-founder of Salt (@saltpe_) recently shared a post on her Twitter handle showing how someone tried duping her over WhatsApp. She shared a series of screenshots to show her communication with a scammer on WhatsApp. According to the screenshots, the scammer offered a job opportunity where she had to watch a YouTube video for 10 seconds and like and subscribe to it. Notably, the link of the video will be sent by the scammer. The scammer further asked her to share the screenshot of the same and in return she will be paid 150 rupees.

Instead of clicking on the link provided by the scammer and providing the screenshot, Udita shared a screenshot of a YouTube video titled ‘Caught some idiot trying to scam’. This savage reply of the Twitter user to the scammer has left Twitter users amazed.

The post was shared on May 5 with the caption, “I’m going to hell for this” and till now, the tweet has been viewed 142.6K times. Additionally, the tweet has also accumulated 1337 likes.

Here are some of the comments the post received:

1. “When I receive one of these I just ask chatgpt to write 1000 words essay about why it’s unethical to scam people.

2. “Ohh I am also getting same ki da msgs. What are these telecom companies doing ??? Offering me job from Vietnam and what not”

3. “Where do they even get our number from? a person approached me with the exact same lines!!”

4. “Although I haven’t gotten any dm yet, I’ve been getting called from US based numbers on WhatsApp too….idk what happened”

5. “I did something less creative but felt good as well. I replied with a voice note that lasted 20 secs. Contained sounds of me mimicking a giant vomit and loud farts that end runny, and then I blocked the number.”

How to avoid being scammed

All you need to do in order to stay safe is not click on any link or install any app without getting the information verified from legitimate sources. Also, check the official website of the company the scammers are saying they represent to check if the information provided is true or not. That also means to verify everything and never do anything in a hurry. And of course now you know that you need to avoid these kinds of WhatsApp messages from unknown numbers.

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