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Twitter gets a new ‘List Search’ feature; Know what it is all about

Twitter has introduced a cool new feature recently, that might have gone under the radar for some of you. On May 23, Twitter introduced a feature that allows users to search for lists directly. In case you did not already know, lists are a group of accounts that any user can collate to see tweets from only those accounts. For example, you can create a list of a sporting team and add all the Twitter accounts relating to that team. Earlier, you could not search for them directly. We tried out the new feature and it appears to be quite a handy feature.

Announcing the feature, Twitter Support tweeted, “Looking for something? Now, you can search for Lists to find new ones you want to follow. Give it a try and let us know what you think”.

Twitter releases ‘Search List’ feature

To search for a list, users can simply go to the search bar and type the topic on which they want to find lists. All you have to do is to go to the ‘Lists’ tab on the mobile or web version of Twitter and then search for a topic. The search results will now show lists and display information about the number of followers and the number of members. The number of members indicates the number of accounts added to the list (the accounts whose tweets you will see) and the number of followers is the number of users who follow the list.

You can also pin these lists as swipeable feeds on the homepage to quickly check the topic of interest. It should also be noted that list tweets are not always about the accounts. It can also include the accounts that commonly tweet about the selected keyword.

We tested out the feature and it appears to be quite quite up to the mark. We were able to find topics such as F1 racing, Chelsea FC and Bollywood and check out the tweets without a hitch.

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