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WhatsApp warns against missed call scams, deploys AI, starts crackdown!

Just days after it faced a backlash over a Twitter engineer’s Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone’s microphone switching on all by itself without any permission, WhatsApp is now facing more criticism over missed call scams forcing it to react. WhatsApp spokesman has now warned the general public about it and revealed how the company is fighting the cybercriminals.

Now, in a bid to safeguard its users from the rising threat of scam calls, WhatsApp has announced significant enhancements to its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems. The popular messaging platform, which has always touted for its end-to-end encryption and commitment to user safety, aims to combat the increasing number of fraudulent activities targeting unsuspecting users.

How the Missed Call Scam Works

“International scam calls is a new way that bad actors have recently adopted. By giving a missed call, they lead curious users to call or message back only to get scammed,” WhatsApp spokesperson said.

WhatsApp Crackdown

WhatsApp has sought to battle the cybercriminals systematically by rolling out the tech to catch the culprits. “We have quickly ramped up our AI & ML systems to bring down such incidents significantly. Our new enforcement will reduce the current calling rate by at least 50% and we expect to be able to control the current incidence effectively. We will continue to work relentlessly towards ensuring a safe experience for our users,” WhatsApp spokesperson added.

How WhatsApp Ensures User Safety

WhatsApp spokesperson also listed out various other steps the company has taken to ensure security of users. “We continue to provide several safety tools within WhatsApp like Block & Report, consistently build user safety education & awareness, as well as, proactively weed out bad-actors from our platform. However, bad actors find different ways to scam users,” the spokesperson averred.

AI to the Rescue

WhatsApp’s decision to intensify its efforts against scam calls comes at a time when digital fraud has become increasingly sophisticated and widespread. The rise of online scams has prompted tech companies to invest heavily in developing innovative solutions that can identify and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time and they have even taken the step of deploying artificial intelligence to combat thsi menace.

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