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Xbox’s big summer games showcase is set for June 11th

Xbox has officially confirmed a for June 11th. The event will be livestreamed at 1:00PM Eastern and will feature “some new surprises” and “first-looks” from internal development studios. Expect to see plenty of reveals for upcoming Xbox, PC and Game Pass titles.

This is a double feature, however, so grab the popcorn and stick around after the first showcase for a deep dive into the forthcoming sci-fi epic Starfield. The Bethesda-developed RPG was so the gameplay footage should be polished to perfection. The officially-named Starfield Direct (don’t tell Nintendo) promises “tons of new gameplay, developer interviews and behind-the-scenes insider information.”

There’s also a follow-up stream, like last year, called Xbox Games Showcase Extended. Tune in on June 13th at 1:00PM Eastern for more game updates, interviews and news. All of these streams are available via Xbox’s official social media accounts, like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Xbox says all content will be presented in over 30 languages, including American Sign Language.

The console manufacturer is also organizing a number of to watch the streams with other people. These little soirees are set for Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, Melbourne and Warsaw.

so here’s to hoping we get some big juicy reveals to take the sting out. Xbox needs some major buzz to offset a and it looks like the lukewarm reception to isn’t gonna do it.

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